Felt Web- Step by Step

The Felt Customer Portal is where you can access all of your account information, update your payment settings, purchase credits, connect with our super fun customer service team, and most importantly, upload your contacts to your address book. (We’re even mobile-friendly!)

Step 1: Find your spreadsheet
Make sure it’s in .CSV format! You can easily export a .CSV from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and most contact managers.
Step 2: Let us know if your .CSV has labels
It’s ok if it doesn’t, just make sure you uncheck the box.
Step 3: Match your contact's information.
We want to make sure all of the details are in the right place. Match the information in your First Row column to a description in the dropdown. 
Step 4: Add your contacts to a list!
This step is optional, but great for organizing thank you’s after a holiday or a large event.
Step 5: Preview your contacts
Check to make sure all of your contact’s information is correct, and we’ll handle the rest. You can also deselect any contacts here, if you’ve added them by mistake.