Can I Use My Gift Card Internationally?

  • Only Visa gift cards can be used internationally. Please note that there is a 3% international transaction fee per transaction. Please see the below on foreign transaction fees.
    • Foreign Transaction Fee: If you obtain funds (or make a purchase) in a currency or country other than the currency or country in which the card was issues ("Foreign Transaction"), the transaction will be converted to U.S. dollars in accordance with the Currency Conversion process below, and you will be charged a fee equal to 3% on the total amount of the transaction in U.S. The card association may consider transactions occurring in U.S. territories to be foreign transactions, so transactions originating from these locations may be subject to Foreign Transaction Fee. If the Foreign Transaction results in a credit due to a return, we will not refund any Foreign Transaction Fee that may have been charged on your original purchase. 
    • Currency Conversion: If you make a Foreign Transaction, the amount deducted from the funds will be converted by the network or card association that processes the transaction into an amount in the currency of the card. Mastercard International Inc. and Visa U.S.A. Inc. currently use a conversion rate that is either: (i) selected from the range of rates that is currently available in wholesale currency markets (which may vary from the rate the association itself receives), or (ii) the government-mandated in affect for the applicable central processing date. The conversion rate selected by the network is independent of the Foreign Transaction Fee that we charge as compensation for our services.