How do I create an accordion card?

You can create an accordion style card with up to four frames per card in any combination of greeting cards, photo cards, or gift cards.  

Start by tapping the “+” to create the first frame of your card. The App will prompt you to choose the type of frame you want to create: Greeting/Photo/Gift Card. Next, the App will preview the front and back of this frame – simply click either one to edit them one at a time. When you are done with this first frame, tap the checkmark (or forward arrow) in the bottom right corner. You can swipe over the envelope to complete your order, or add a second frame.  To add a second frame, tap “add next frame” which can be found to the right of your first frame, and follow the same steps outlined above.  You can repeat this process to create up to a 4-frame accordion card.

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